Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well, where do you think you would go to find this page?

Hey guys, guess where I am right now? At class. Yeah, that's right, I'm at class and being bad and coming here. I'm such a kid.

Psychology class, and I do love it--everyone that knows me knows that I want to persue a career in psychology. But right now we're all just chilling at the library trying to show the computer-non-sanc how to use the online database for the library. Not exactly the most interesting portion of class I've ever had, but I'm patient enough despite my little jaunt to this page.

The teachers are wandering around like jail wardens, though. THE teacher. I really don't want to shame my credibility by being caught blogging. Yeah, I shouldn't be blogging then, huh?


Recently found out that NoDoz is not my cup o' tea. Coffee. Extremley large dosage of caffeine. I started hypervenilating when coming down off them and could hardly breathe.

Yeah, I need to stop taking those.

But I am getting back into JERKY. LOTS AND LOTS OF BEEF JERKY. Tis the good shit.

Oh but, yawn, this is boring. I am going to be booted off this computer in about six minutes, so I suppose I need to wrap this up.

But more information will be posted soon enough--my discussions with Norman, the short, extremley intelligent and linguistical-ish guy. And more stuff. More into my NoDoz experience. And more about the whole college bit.

And for the quote of the day:


Monday, January 16, 2006

When this little girl came and sat next to me...

I nearly stayed in California the other day and I wish to god I had stayed. Dear me god I wish I had stayed.

V is the sweetest little thing in the fucking world.

I miss the little one like none other.
Except one.

And they're tied right now. I want both of them like nothing I've ever wanted before. I want a family, of sorts. I want other peoples family to come pilling into a bed with me and wrap me in warmth. I don't want to go to an empty bed. I want someone alive and warm sleeping next to me.

Not for the sex--definitely not, in many cases--just for the comfort. Who of my age has had that comfort, longed for it like I do? Just to be able to trust someone enough to lay next to them, wrap yourself around them, and hold them until they and you fall to sleep. Wake up next to their morning breath and they've moved away in the night, but it doesn't matter, because they were there.

That is what I want.

Fortunate fool.
She's just too good to be true.
She's such a fortunate fool
She's just so mmmm, mmmm....
-Jack Johnson.

Listen and love.

I start school in two days. Bound to be interesting shit popping up and since my computer is FINALLY working, I can get around to blogging like usual. Maybe work on getting my NAKED NINJA domain name and comic up and running.

Don't hold your breath. <--I say that a lot.

For now, I leave you with this, even though I've quoted it before, it's been running through my head like mad:


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Metaphore for a missing moment

YO! Where have I been?

Well, in general I've been just... bored and lazy and haven't gotten off the collective whatnot to do any blogging recently. Then, about two days shy of three weeks ago, I went to Cali for vacation. Christmas and New Years were dominated.

There is nothing like standing outside several blocks away from the Castro and hearing the cheers. It was firken awesome. What I just loved day in and day out in Frisco (don't get on me for calling it Frisco) was that I was staying at Eddie's house, and you can literally see the big neon "CASTRO" sign from his back door. That is cool. That is really the epitome of cool.

I delighted in trying food that made me completley awkward and uncomfortable. Sushi and Chinese and some raw oysters from farmers market. Actually, when I was staying in San Jose my eating habits were considered odd. And I was only making... food. Like, rare steaks and stuff was odd. And salsa in cheese dip. WHAT IS CHEESE DIP WITHOUT SALSA?? It's not Mexican, I'll tell you that. Friggen weird.

My sisters diet consists of; pop-tarts, pop corn, chips with cheese sauce, cookie dough, artichokes and bacon. Only the fat part of the bacon.

And you know, she's skinny as a friggen rail.

So to them me making even hot tea was very weird. Oh, and my sister does not drink soda. She only drinks iced tea with no milk or sweeteners. She refused to friggen try my pearl tea. Damn it.

But she did have my chicken that I cooked up. I made a "Chinese" dish while I was there that she didn't touch with a ten-foot poll. They just think my entire idea of good food is very weird. And I honestly don't know how to explain it. I like the dark meat in the turkey with pepper in my brown gravy and raw vegetables and potatoes with actual potato bits in them and not with butter, but with pepper, salt and bacon if I can get it. Quesadilla's with pepper jack cheese are out of the question because pepper jack is too hot, but they love jalapeno's. THEY are weird, man.

Yeah, well, we all have our opinions and blah, blah, blah.

But I'm back in the Missouri section and I'm tired as a mother fucker. I have been walking up San Francisco hills and having good sex and eating lots of good food and talking to people I love in a place I adore and... yeah, I'll get off my high horse. But I should go get going, cause I need to unpack and clean the room. And perhaps see a friend before the night is up. I need to drink this coffee and listen to loud music and wake up.

Just feel like I was more awake there then anywhere else.