Saturday, May 30, 2009

A million voices crying out in the wilderness

I've been in a mood recently. Just the past 36 hours kind of recently.

I've been feeling that strange, detached, looking at my hand and not really connecting to the idea that it's actually MY hand kind of mood.

I just started my second job at the pet shop, and it's going pretty well save for the massive amounts of reading that is required of me. Still, after reading a massive amount of BS at the pet shop all day, I come home to clean and read massive amounts of Terry Moore's "Strangers in Paradise".

Which is, by the way, one of the better comic book series that I have read. Previously I have stuck to the bizarre, the supernatural, paranormal and standard super-hero issue comic books. This is the only series that I have read that focuses on a more real-life situation. It's the only comic book I have read beside "Blankets" that is based on real life.

Blankets, by the way, is beautiful. Go out and read it. I cried for days.

Okay, if you're not in the head space to cry for days, don't read it, but I was in the mood and it did. It was beautiful.

Aside from that I have been playing with kittens, organizing my room for post-schooling, and riffling through the archives of Suicide Girls now that I renewed my membership.

I'm still recovering from being rather ill, and I have not returned to the gym yet, though I desperately want to. I need to find a schedule to stick to, something that does not hinder my usual day to day stuff, rather streamlines it.

Somehow, though, amongst all these normal thoughts and feelings, new and old feelings have been rising in me. This odd detachment is quite familiar to me. But there comes this new sensation of living as I have before, stepping in steps set out, that I have been here, done this, and I know the outcome. There is an intense feeling of... destiny? I'm not sure.

Of course, now I've multi-tasked enough to forget what I came here to write in the first place. Instead, here's a picture of one of my foster kittens, chilling out in our tiki mask.

Yeah, they sleep there often. Sometimes in a big pile. It's one of the cuter things that they do.

You can also see videos of them by going to my YouTube channel:

Super-cute stuff.

Buona notte i miei amori,



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