Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cthulhu's time has come!

Remember, remember, the fifth of November?

I certainly do. It's the day that my internet was shut down. Why? Because my roommates are tards. Despite the fact that the boyfriend and I had never been late paying PG&E, and that we always gave them our share of the rent, and that we were constantly cleaning up after them, and getting things for the house--they couldn't do one. simple. thing. Pay the friggin internet bill!

I am happy to announce that the boyfriend and I have moved out of the roommate situation and into our own one-bedroom apartment. It's about $980 a month, so only about $150 more a month then the roommate duplex--and we don't have roommates! We decided we could cinch our belts on the unneeded expenditures if we really, really wanted to live alone--and we do!

So that's what happened this time. Good god, will I ever just stick around? I'm completely unsure on that.

Good news though--Fall semester is over, Spring semester does not begin for another month, and until then I got things to do. Like lay in bed because I'm miserably sick.

Why does this always happen to me around this time of year???

And as a last note:

Pictures of pink hair are to come! Be patient--for you're working with a very, very lazy person.

Love one and all on this most festive of years (and pardon me while I hack up a lung),



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