Monday, October 06, 2008

If I had a $1,000,000

If someone today gave me one million dollars, I'd...

Probably straight-up buy a house. Somewhere more south of where I am now, closer to country, closer to the stars. Something with a yard. I'd get a dog and a good-quality used car, and I'd go to school as I am now, and work as I am now. I'd also still commute with my bike more then anything.

I'd have a room specifically for writing, and paint the walls whatever hell color I wanted to. I'd get my furniture from Ikea. I'd have a surround-sound speaker system hooked up to my computer. I would have a lock on the door.

I'd get my cat a cat-tree, like I've always wanted, or construct some shelves and nooks for him to climb on througout the house. You know, build the cat-tree into the house.

My dog would be a Siberian Husky, because they're beautiful and loyal and sweet.

I would learn how to invest the rest of the money--pretending in this million dollar fantasy that the economy is not the toilet-bowl it seems to be right now--and live mostly off what I make at work. I'd be as economical and frugal as I could be. I'd only eat out once a week. Probably Chinese food.

I'd keep going, keep striving, keep growing and learning. Life would just be a little easier then it is right now.



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