Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carry on, we'll carry on

Hi all,

Good god I'm exhausted.

I didn't get to sleep until sometime around 2-3 am last night and got up at 7:30. Working on top of that has be completely pooped, though I'm sure the recently devoured large meal has something to do with my fatigue.

I'm really upset with the roommates. Especially Michele. I've tried to contact her about the key (which I was supposed to get yesterday but didn't, so I was supposed to get today... and haven't). Now I'm asking if I can get the name/number of the manager, whom I've met but not exchanged contact information with. I've left three messages, two text and one voice, asking for the information and have been calling since 3, but she hasn't responded. It is making me increasingly worried and agitated.

Mostly because I just handed her a shit-ton of money, and she's off out of town until Sunday.

Now she's ignored my repeated attempts to contact her before, but she's always apologized and reassured me that's she's just really lazy. I believe her mainly because I've done the same, but I can't help but feel jittery right now.

What's happening is that tomorrow I can work, and then Saturday-Monday all I have to do is... nothing. I really want to move in that time, before Tuesday when full school and work schedule start up. Right now I'm going, "There's nothing to do!" but by Tuesday I'll be going, "Shit! There's too much to do!" I'm going to really be pissed if she doesn't get back to me until Sunday and I find that I have to start school, start moving, and work all in the same deal.

I don't know. When I'm engaged in business transactions I tend to be overly-communicative, so when someone is silent I get generally paranoid. What if they're stealing the money, what if this is a scam, what if she's pissed at me for sending so many damned texts, etc.

I'm also worried because I do have packages that are being sent to the new address. Mostly to do with AT&T, and a birthday package from my mother. I've done this because I've been assured multiple times that we were to be in the process of moving by now at the latest. Well, I'm starting to get peeved.

I really hope I'm just worrying over this too much and things will be smoothed over tomorrow, but I can't help but think the worst. My entire life I've been given the worse, and when people assure me, "Don't worry, things will be great," I can't help but not believe them.

... and that's what my counselor would call "trust issues".

Anyway, I'm very tired and I've been on and off the phone with different people all day. I really hope I can get the ball rolling for this weekend. Talk to ya'll later.



Blogger D.B. Echo said...

Ryan North apparently heard of your plight and wrote it into today's Dinosaur Comics:

4:36 PM  
Blogger D.B. Echo said...

OK, it's been more than a week. This can't be good.

5:17 PM  

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