Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get up, get up, get away from this place

Hi all.

So tomorrow we're signing the paperwork for the duplex, and we should be moving in within the next two weeks or so. I'm really scared and excited. Scared because I'm still unsure about my fiscal stability and excited because--well, I'll be moving out. I'm also fairly sure I can handle the finances given my recent (within the last year) ability to keep money long enough and not impulse purchase like I used to. I still impulse, but to a much smaller degree.

Tomorrow I'm also going back to the college to find out how much more paperwork I have to fill out for financial aide and get the information on scholarships and other things that will provide more aide. I still do not want to get a student loan, but I've told myself that if in a year I'm still having problems like now I may have to. That IS what they're for, after all. It's hella expensive and hard having a 32 hour/week job and being a full time student while commuting via public transit.

I know, I know, I complaign a lot. Or, at least, point out that my life situation sometimes kinda sucks.

But, honestly, I couldn't be happier right now. I'm finally off the streets and feel like I'm looking towards a much better and brighter future. I'm very in love and it looks like we're going to be living somewhere where no one is driving either of us bonkers. We're going to be able to be exhausted together--both of us have about the same schedule--and we're going to have five cats running around creating mischief.

I really love California right now, and I am really happy that I was able to get out of a horrible situation that just seemed to be getting worse. I have many people to thank for that--it wouldn't have been possible this soon without aide from my uncle (as annoying as he is) or even without the boyfriend.

Plus it seems I'll be getting a goodly amount of aide from the college. And that's another thing--I really like college. I love learning, I love this point in my life. I'm extremely happy and satisfied. Sometimes coming home exhausted after a long day of work and school, with the next day looking like exactly the same, makes me strangely happy.

I certainly enjoyed being able to relax this summer and having little to do and all that, but I'm really looking forward to a full schedule again. I feel like I get a lot more done and am much more satisfied with myself when those times are around. Something about being lethargic and get very depressing after a while.


Hm, well, I honestly thing that's it for right now. I'll be around!



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