Monday, August 11, 2008

We are accidents waiting to happen

Hello all. I'm guessing you're not surprised by my lack of activity.

Well the financial aid check was not for as much as I figured it would be, damn, damn, double damn. I still have enough to hold me through until I get a new job (hopefully). I did treat to the monthly outing with the boyfriend, and it was very fun. Instead of going to a play we went to a water park where I, as the a-typical Irish girl, got badly sun burnt despite applying and re-applying SPF 70.

Still, it was very enjoyable. I re discovered my love of water slides. I had some Oafish frat boys yell out at me, "Don't fall out!" as I went down a slide on my own. Have I ever mentioned my dislike of current fashions and their low-cut... everything?? I don't need the help, not with D-D's.

I've not been working as well as I'd like on my stories (any of them). I'm writing a pseudo-fan-fiction piece for my character from the City of Heroes MMORPG, and my novel, and some short story bits. But I have not written anything in little over a week.

I'm also being constantly balked in my attempt to tie off all the ends of the financial aid for this coming (soon!) semester. I had to get another Dependency Review because of my transfer to City, and one of the requirements was for a professional to write a review of my parental status to make sure that I am not lying about being kicked out and all. The first week I forgot to bring it to my psychologist, the next week she had to cancel the appointment because of an emergency, the week after that I forgot to give her the sheet until the end of the session, and only received the finished paperwork this last Friday. Bloody annoying.

After my meeting with her on Friday I went to City to complete everything and the financial aid office was closed. Ends up they close at 1pm on Fridays, and I got there at 3:15. Damn it.

So I'm going back tomorrow, and hopefully all will be well. I'm also going to follow up on applications that I sent out to Borders and Barnes & Noble stores in the hope of working in a retail environment that will not annoy the hell out of me. I'm also going to see about applying to some of the local restaurants. Funny that I hadn't thought about being a waitress until Travis mentioned something about it. Then I was all for it--tips! Also, working with the scourge of society and seeing the worst side of people, but... tips!

I also stopped painting soon after my last entry. Painters block or something.

The spell of CoH's is starting to wear off now. I'm no longer waking up with an undying desire to play for several hours. I am, however, beginning to really get into a browser-based game called Kingdom of Loathing. Which only allows you so many turns a day, so it's not as all-consuming. Thank god.

So... I may be moving out of the Uncle D arena soon. Some friends of mine are moving out of their place and they're looking for roommates. Travis and I are getting a little tired of my Uncle's company and yearn for those of our own generation, hopefully with school/work schedules that take them out of the house (unlike the Uncle). So I may be living the stereotypical situation of being a full time student with a part time job, living with her college boyfriend and two college roommates. Riding a bicycle everywhere (and a beautiful bicycle it is!).

Her name is Ruby Valentine.

When I look at my shiny bike and reflect on how much it cost ($797 with all accessories) I think, "The money I parted with is a small price to pay for having a most awesome bike that does not pain my back, and that allows me to carry groceries and books and anything else I will upon it. It also will never add up to the atrocious amount of money I would spent on a car and how much it would cost to maintain it. I made a good decision."

Because the first thing I did after parting with that money was feel physically ill, all because I've never had to part with that much money before in my life. Besides the time I paid off about $1000 worth of debt. But that doesn't count. This is an object, a consumer thing, not a negative money band aide.

And this money that I seem to pull out of the ether? Yeah, that'd be financial aide.

*whistles and shuffles feet*

Hey! I need it. Yes, I feel kind of guilty when I purchase these things, but I need them. Hoofing it everywhere is damned annoying and a bike gets me where I'm going without having to take the bus with all the homeless people that smell like excrement, the screaming babies, the people that randomly propose marriage to me...

All I have to worry about are the idiots on the road that don't look where they're going and try to run into me all the time. At least I'm observant of the road and have the self-awareness to call someone with a car to come get me when I'm too tired. Plus I wear a florescent yellow jacket at night and the bike (as you may or may not be able to see) has both a headlight and rear light for prime visibility. The only thing that scares me is if Ruby Valentine gets stolen or of being run over by some drunken yuppie in an SUV.


Back to what I was talking about, being the a-typical student type. I actually kind of like living the stereotype. It's nostalgic without ever having experienced it before, like reliving so many movies. Only it's tedious and very hungry sometimes.

Ah, and today marks the eighth month of me being cigarette-free. Woo? Yeah, I guess. But I'm not really going to pat myself on the back until I reach three or five years. I know how easy it is to get back into something after half a year, I did it recently (My smoking stint from September (?) to December) and still feel ashamed about it. That had been after six months. However, in that six months I smoked cigarettes several times, bummed from strangers and sometimes bought and smoked (one or two before throwing away the pack) from a convenience store. This time I have not even touched a cigarette, except for the day AFTER I proclaimed I was done. That was my only slipup. Since then, nothing, and that DOES mean eight months completely tobacco free.

I do like stereotypes, and there is something quite compelling about the image of the broody writer that sits in the corner with smoldering eyes and smoldering cigarette while surveying the world. I got into that image and liked it. Now I'm realizing I don't need cigarettes to be the broody writer in the corner. I can accomplish the same image by blowing bubble gum.

Which I do now, habitually.

I should go. It's nearing three in the morning and I have my chores to do tomorrow. I'll send this on its way to post on the gigantic cork-board that is the blogging internet space, and wish you all happy trails.




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