Monday, August 25, 2008

I think about loveless fascination

Hi all,

Well, today was a very good day. Not only did I get a call from University Art, I also got a call from the local used/new bookstore, and a call from about two gazillion other places that I've heard not a peep from until now. I did go and interview at the bookstore and I was offered a job starting at $10/hour and 25 hours a week. I told him--and he took it VERY well--that I was considering other offers at the moment as well, but that I'd definitely get back to him by early Wednesday.

Tomorrow I go to the pet store and back to the art store. Uncle D is helping me out by giving me a ride to places.

I'm very happy that I have a solid job offer now. Yes, he still was offering even after I said I was considering new positions. Speaking of--I'd never thought I'd tell an employer that I'd call them, instead of the other way around!

University Art has promised me about 30-35 hours a week at $8.50/hour. This about equal out to the bookstore, but the bookstore is closer to light rail and easier to get to--plus has no dress code. And it has book cats.

Well, cat. I was sad to hear that the large long-haired gray kitty recently passed away, which made me sad.

In case you haven't put two and two together, I've shopped at this bookstore for a long time. I've also shopped at the art store for a long time. As long as I can shop at any store considering I've only been in the area a little over two years.

... yeah, it has been that long, hasn't it?

I am leaning towards the bookstore job. Mostly for the lack of dress code, the cats, the higher pay, the less hours, the books... the everything about it. I really like that it's a small local business. University Art has many locations and a hell of a lot more employees and all. Plus there's going to be a much more diversified and interesting crowd coming into the crowded, musty, cat-occupied bookstore on one of the valley's most trafficked road then into the art supply store. Apparently they see mostly students.

I really liked it when I worked at Borders and the guy that was interviewing me seemed to like it as well.

And I think it would be really nice to work around my passion again.

I've been reading a lot more recently, the last two weeks, then in the last five or six months. I finished Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen (Kind of Practical-Magic-esque), and am part of the way through Contact by Carl Sagan.

I'm also reading the Players Handbook for D&D, the new fourth edition. I usually read that before I go to sleep and it has a strange effect on my dreams, though not entirely fantasy-submerged. Mostly dreams about role-playing, creating and playing characters... etc, etc.

Apparently the boyfriend finds it quite hot for me to be reading that book whilst I am nekkid in bed.

One thing I did not inquire upon was if I received any discounts. I did ask about benefits packages and such, but the response was that they're mostly for management.

... mm, no dress code...

I could finally dye my hair white with purple streaks like I've always wanted to. And wear jeans to work. And wear comfortable shoes. Wear band t-shirts and batman t-shirts and all. "Nothing offensive," he said, "And I'd say nothing torn up, but I have a skater employee that comes in all the time in those clothes. If he offends anyone, he can usually charm them out of it just as quick, so that's OK, too."

Not that I'd want to wear my ripped pants. They've ripped down the seat now too. If it were just the three holes in front I'd be OK, but it's not anymore.

Ho hum. So, tonight is the last night I'll spent with the boyfriend before he goes to PAX. He's crashing at a friend’s tomorrow night to make an 8am flight on Wednesday. My roommates plan on having the first months and deposit ready before they head out to a LARP weekend event starting Thursday and going to Sunday. I'm probably going to be the one and only moving stuff this week. I've already decided not to go to the LARP because A. I don't have the cash and B. I may be needed for moving/working.

No problem, though. I really wanted to go, but I don't mind. Camping brings up bad memories of unspeakable times. I figure that even if it doesn't get me for the first two days, it will eventually. Plus, I still don't know the crowd very well. I figure, let them all have fun and come back to a mostly unpacked home.

Then, Tuesday is my birthday. I'll be twenty! No longer a teenager--booyah!

Wish me luck on the close of my second decade and into the start of my third. I feel like I can actually be proud to say my age because I'm no longer, "Just a teenager".

Though I assume I'll still be getting, "Lord, you're just a kid!" for a while to come...

Toodles, take care, love,



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