Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey remember that time...

So I got the text message yesterday about Barack Obama's VP selection, Joe Biden. I haven't read too much into him yet (only about five minutes worth before hopping on here), but I think it's a fairly good selection as far as I can tell so far. I think Obama realized that he had to balance out the "He's so inexperienced" crap he's getting with someone who has years and years of it, and is well respected in Washington. My "Yay!" is that Obama is such a presence that he can rally someone like that to his cause. Go Obama.

Of course then I hop on over to the McCain website and see a new Ad saying, "Oh, look at this... Biden said something bad about Obama in the past! He doesn't believe in Obama's cause and supports John McCain!"

... I really get tired of this three ring circus bullshit. For one thing, you don't see the entire clip, it's obviously cut to give the best angle to McCain. For another, even if Biden saw something wrong with Obama then, there's no law stating he couldn't have changed his mind, or that you can disagree with someone on one thing, but agree with a whole slew of other things.

Again, I feel I'm being shown the narrow-mindedness of my own country, because I know that there are many, many American's that are not going to realize they're being misdirected or shown propaganda.

And I know that Obama gives out propaganda too, and it can serve a good purpose as well as bad, but there is a distinction between what you hear and see and what you actually believe--what is plausible.

Anyway, I must be signing off because I have to bike to a friends for a D&D game. I was going to post about Vivendi studios and the game I've been playing "Evil Genius", but then this whole political campaign thing got in the way.

As a last aside, I do receive campaign e-mails from both sides, Obama and McCain (both always asking me to donate, which is annoying). And I have to admit, probably because of my bias towards W. Bush, that McCain just seems like more of the same. No matter how eloquently people speak about him and his great contributions to America, I cannot get over his positions on the issues currently at hand with America. I don't believe he'd be making the right decisions, and I do believe that he would lead this nation further into darkness (how melodramatic was that??).

I'll be seeing you all. Hey, a post a day isn't too hard so far!



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