Sunday, September 28, 2008

All the men here have a price

Today has been fairly uneventful. I got up this morning, showered, and then called Uncle D to tell him he could come over. We went on a five-seven mile bike ride, in which I've concluded that biking to school and work may save me enough money to make it worth my while. The ride from my house to my work is short enough in minutes (about forty) that I would leave around the same time. The bike ride from my work to school is not much at all. It's just a matter of plotting the most bike-friendly and fastest routes to take. Most of the time those two criteria do not go hand in hand.

After I got home from this ride with Uncle D, which included him treating me to breakfast at a mighty fine establishment, I took a nap. A nap with the boyfriend which did not, in this particular case, include cuddling. Because it's still BLOODY HOT.

Every time we'd move in to snuggle each other we'd move away really quickly because we were both already sweating just from lying there.

After that I played City of Heroes for about two hours, while listening to the Presidential Debates. Which annoyed me. Really annoyed me. More on that later. After that, I helped edit the boyfriends paper for Philosophy class, which is titled "The Substitution Theorem, Frege, And Pizza". Now he's making me dinner. Delicious stir fry.

So! The debates.

In a nut shell, since I'm not one of those analytical people, I'll say this;

-Fuck McCain

-They both sounded like silly, arguing adolescents at some points, which was frustrating. The constant interrupting was both immature and disruptive since the person being interrupted would both rise up in retaliation and you could barely hear either of them.

-Fuck McCain! Obviously using scare-tactics through a lot of the debates, calling Obama on casting votes that he never did, dancing around questions instead of answering them straight up, taking comments out of context and just generally being a Republican asshole.

I'm going to listen to the debates again since multi-tasking is not one of my strong suits. I plan on listening again tonight to the debates, and then perhaps reading up on both of the candidates websites what their responses have been. So hopefully I'll have further, more intellectual insights into the debate. Possibly tomorrow.

Oh, and that whole $3 million dollars on a bear... Jesus. Where does McCain think we get the technology for so many life-saving innovations (as well as mind-numbing ones)?? Scientific research sometimes will not accomplish the goal that it set out to do, but it finds other interesting and mind-blowing things in the process. Obviously he doesn't do his research. And never, ever try and joke (I think he was joking? I hope?) when the audience isn't even supposed to respond to you. Makes you look like an ass. McCain; You looked like an ass.

That's all for now. Food has been cooked. I shall consume it.



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