Saturday, September 27, 2008

Millions of peaches, peaches for me

So today I had work for eight hours and as I was coming home on my bike ran into my friend James and his new girlfriend, who I'd never met before. They were on their way to my place for a pre-scheduled visit, and bearing three unreasonably large pizzas.

Aside from the fact that I had just got off from work and was therefore already weary of people and the heat, I put on a happy face and got to socializing. Mainly it's been the heat that is killing my mood to do much of anything. For two weeks I was able to wear a light jacket and long sleeves, but now I'm scouring my closet for shorts and spaghetti-straps, and wishing that I could get out of my very skin. It's somewhere between eighty and ninety every day, and it's consistent from about ten am to twelve am. In the early morning/morning hours, there is some reprive, but only by about fifteen degrees.

I want to go out driving with the windows down in the nighttime and look out the boyfriend's moonroof at the stars. We've found a road that seems to lead into a deep wilderness (for out here) up in the hills. It's frightening. When it comes to being scared in the dark in a car, I can rather enjoy myself. It's relaxing. Refreshing.

My friend James and his girlfriend left about ten minutes ago and now I'm browsing the internet looking for something to entertain me but not strain me. I'm even considering my game City Of Heroes to be too much activity at the moment.

So I'm off. My brain wants to stop working. I'm going to let it. Perhaps watch something that is not an idiotic movie*...

Since reading the Phillipa Gregory novel I've been craving a "pre-18th century" movie. I love the clothing and the general setting, and the stories tend to be good. I can only think of two that are in my collection, but... I'm going to stop talking about it since I don't wish to bore anyone. I already have. I can tell by that look on your face. :)



*Roommates put in "Superhero Movie". Yech.


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