Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Swinging in the rain

I just watched 'The Other Boleyn Girl' after having read the Philippa Gregory novel.

I must say, if it comes down to it, I will much rather watch a bad movie set in pre-nineteenth century ("period pieces" if you will) then something set in modern times. However, it's still a bad movie, just with prettier clothes.

This movie would not have stood on its own two feet if not for the book, and even with book knowledge the movie was pretty bad. I guess it had its moments of good, but the book was really a much better piece of entertainment. Considering that it does so for several days instead of two and a half hours is also a plus. I'll take three days of a good book over two and a half of a bad movie.

Perhaps more in-depth criticisms later. For now I'm still kind of steaming over the roommates, who are really annoying me right now. I'm perfectly understandable to the fact that Roommate A works forty hours a week and goes to school full time, but Roommate B has no job and no school. So why the hell is the living room overflowing with their shit and the kitchen is never clean?

I know that I am slightly unrealistic in my expectations of people, but I truly base it off of how I would act in their given situation. If I were in Roommate B's shoes, which I have been, I would--and have--clean up after both myself, Roommate A (partner) and anyone else that was out and about more than me on actual business. But now, he's out hanging with his friends all the time. I wonder how the hell Roommate A stands for it.

I also hate that I come home from work or school and the T.V. is always on at loud volume, and the two of them will be sitting there staring at their laptop and not paying attention to the program. Or else they won't even be in the room, or say, "I was watching that" when you change the program when they've been gone for ten minutes.

Reminds me why I hate T.V.

So I've been holing up in my room again. I really don't mind very much, I have a complete multimedia center. It's mostly the kitchen that gets me more than the living room, because there's already limited counter space and there's always dishes in the sink and overflowing. Plus we've had a -very- minor roach problem since moving in, and one of the deterrents is to not leave the bloody food out. I do not. They do.

So does the boyfriend, but I can work on him.

And so I've adopted the title, begrudgingly, of "the bitch". I'm the one that asks people to do things like clean. Oooh, my.

Honestly though, it's not much to ask.



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