Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bringing you to your knees

Well now, been a second, but then again I am unused to blogging every day. Or every week for that matter.

Travis moved in and promptly became ill, and then got me ill, and there was this whole cycle of generally feeling poorly and doing nothing but reading, grumbling, watching television and working when work was allowed.

Speaking of work, I've received a pay cut that upsets me but does not surprise me. It doesn't surprise me because I have not been making many sales this year and so calling is down in profit, but it upsets me because apparently this small business owes what is going to projected as "their greatest year ever" (in 18 years) to me calling. If it weren't for the exposure I give them to their client bases, they have said, they would have been out of business with everyone else that has been going belly-up recently.

The pay cut has me kind of peeved. I don't know what to do about this job because it does have some high expenses on my side, plus because I set my own hours I can get really lazy and just not work as much as I need to as is. I'm beginning to ponder working at a retail gig again with more frequency then is normal. Yeah, I'd have to transport to the area and everything, but since I have my handy-dandy bicycle, that's less of a problem then it used to be when I rode the bus everywhere. The bus system around here is just crap. I go everywhere now in half the time with more calories burned.

Plus bicycles are zero emissions.

Good news in the bad is that my college called me to let me know that they are ready to hand over the financial aide checks from fall 07 and spring 08 that I had given up as never getting. This should be an amount in the thousands that will finally clear me out of my debt.

That would be lovely.

One thing Travis has influenced me greatly on is his way of handling finances. He has more capitol then anyone his age I've ever met (the exception being people that get handed WAY too much money by their family). Yet he looks at something with a $15 price tag and says, "I don't think I need that. I don't think I can afford it." I would never say he's stingy, exactly the opposite--we often go to plays and other activities (plus out to eat) on his dime, but he's still careful on how often. We usually go to a play once a month, out to eat maybe twice or three times in the same period. It works out because we get outside the monotonous and do things that are very "couple-y".

The rest of the financial aide check will go into a savings account--and I'll probably treat to this months theater excursion. I also need to go to the thrift store and get a few more pairs of jeans. Bicycling does wear out a pair of jeans really quickly. I've had to path the pairs I have, but I would like some "new" ones.

Which sucks because I just finished good artwork on two of them. Oh well.

I've been painting a bit recently, I've nearly finished a painting for my mother of my baby sister, and I started on one last night for me. I don't know who it is yet, but I like the feel of the brush in my fingers and the scent of acrylics in the air. Travis had truck last night so I had the place to myself for a little bit--Uncle D. was around still, but he respects the privacy of my room space.

And next semester I'll be doing full time school time. It means I qualify for more aide and, also, I'm getting some classes under my belt that are prerequisites for a lot of other classes I mean to take in the next few years. Mainly the beginning drawing class, so I can start to take painting classes in the next few years. That is one of the things I hope to minor in, though I never plan to major in it. I think I'm not only doing drawing but art history next semester. Art history was recommended to me by my archaeology teacher, who said it was an essential part (as is history and economics) in an Anthropology degree, even if it is not required for graduation.

Hm... that's all. I think I'll be going now. Toodles.