Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And in the future, where will I be?

Nothing exceedingly glorious has happened in a while. I'm slightly annoyed with the general male gender. You know, you guys have all these cracks (comedians mostly, cause that's who I hear discussing these things) about how women "hold back" from the whole sex thing. And that every man that is ever nice to you is just offering to fuck you, or that women walking around with their shirts low-cut and their skirts showing off their ass and their legs should be attacked at will by a mob of drooling men, etc. Well, you know what guys? The same goes for you. Damn you, walking around with your penises. That could well be servicing ME.

Anyway, I find it a much more recreationally proactive to loose weight whilst having sex then loosing it at the gym.

I am not THAT overweight. I am a smexy bitch, damnit, and guys get SCARED AS HELL when I make a pass. Are you afraid I'm going to say, "Hey, what'cha doing next Saturday? Nothing? Wanna hang out? You do? Well--TOO BAD, I'M A BITCH!!! HAHAHA!".

Yeah, I asked out a customer. And the conversation went kinda like this:

"So, what are you doing this week?" <-me

"Actually, I'm kinda stuck with my little brother this week, so I'm required at home playing video games." <-asked-out customer

Damn you!

The conversation, then, ended. He is still OUTRAGEOUSLY flirting with me—and I with him—but I have NO idea what to do. I don’t know if that aforementioned discussion was him blowing me off or if that was the actual truth and he actually had commitments. I do not know! And is it flirting or just friendly banter!

Damn it, we really need that whole nanotechnology thing to work out so I can get clothes that flash “AVAILABLE/NOT AVAILABLE TO YOU!” depending on who the wearer is looking at. That would make life so much easier.

Yeah, I know; bitch, bitch, whine, whine.

I actually started writing this last week and then just now got around to finishing it. That shows you how lazy I am. Extremely, hopelessly lazy.

Yeah and that’s actually all for now.

There is actually an update I really want to update, but there are certain people that read certain blogs *shifty eyes*. You better watch out.


Cause I’ll kick your ass!