Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well, today was the first time I've voted in a Presidential election. I also voted for the California stuff.

I voted:

-For Obama/Biden
-No on Prop 8 (write in state constitution banning gay marriage)
-No on Prop 4 (Underage women need to wait 48 hours after parental notification to have an abortion)
-Yes on Prop 2 (Animals for human consumption should have the right to stand up, turn around, and spread their wings/arms/legs daily)
-Yes on Prop 1 (budget for a state bullet train)

I voted for renewable energy Props and for hospital spending bills so our county and city hospitals are not condemned. I voted for Democrat except when there was a good libertarian candidate instead.

And, holy hell on wheels...


I've been celebrating. Which is to say, I've been jumping up and down, doing "white girl dances", and drinking Baily's. I'm making my roommates and the boyfriend laugh, but everyone's happy.

Go Obama! Hell YES WE CAN!


P.S. - Honestly... I wasn't even sure this was possible. If someone said to me, "Obama's going to win" nine months ago, I'd have replied, "I really, really hope so, but I'm not sure." Oh my god I'm so freaking happy!