Thursday, August 04, 2005

As below so above and beyond I imagine, drawn beyond the lines of reason.

Mother and I are making plans for next weeks farmer's market. We plan to sell a bunch of stuff, namely the iris that we harvested (five to a pack for $10 or 2 packs for $17), the cookies that I make, sugar and chocolate chip for something like $1 each, the water lettuce from our pond (I'm not sure what that'll go for), probably some zucchini nut bread that my mom makes and then perhaps some regular stuff from our garden. Peppers and asparagus and tomatoes I think. we have some other stuff, peas and strawberries and others, but I think the peas and green beans have passed harvest time and the strawberries are always eaten by those bloody rabbits.

My friend Nikki needs to make some extra cash to scrounge up rent so I'm taking her job hunting and she's also coming to the farmers market with us to sell some jewelry that she makes. Mom is also going to sell some of the jewelry that she made way back when I was a little kid. Just some earrings and the like. Nikki's jewelry is mainly Celtic, but a very female-oriented Celtic instead of the usual male-oriented stuff. She really does make beautiful things.

I'm thinking of taking back some of my paintings from the Opera House and bringing them as well. Show off my work and say that I also offer commissioned work. Maybe I'll get some business.

For the most part I'll get 50% of the sales minus the five dollars for a lot and excluding things that are only mom and Nikki--the jewelry and the nut bread for instance. Hey, pocket money. It works.

I've been writing like mad. I've gotten up to 10,500 words and the stories going great. Right now I'm just getting a very basic outline because my mind just wants to go from one event to another really quickly, so later I'll put in "filler". Some more explanation so things don't keep surprising the reader. It's really in the roughest of ways right now, but I'm so in love with this story.

The characters I'm writing about--Dorian Bien and Jennifer Mason (Jennifer being the main and Dorian being the supporting)--are really taking to me. They're brand new characters so I've never worked with them before. It's kind of like a director working with actors and actresses that he's never worked with before. I love them to death and they keep surprising me and it's all very dramatic and interesting. And so fucking cool.

Really, once you sooth my emotional turmoil (which is never good in my whole writing mindset, cause all I'll think about is the current stress/issue) and get me feeling all loved and secure, I'll just start writing like a machine. It's quite fascinating.

So I started out this story smack-dab in the "middle beginning". When I go back for filler I'll add in more background and more detail to the beginning of the story. It just starts out with her leaving a party her friends had gone to and left her at and her being peeved and then--boom. Attacked by a werewolf. How'a bout that? But in the first page and a half it's really not going to do well and looks a little juvenile, so I'll be editing through that and making it a lot smoother.

It's like seeing a diamond before it's cut and polished. It's still beautiful in a lot of ways, that raw beauty, but only after some hard work will it really shine.

But right now I'm just focusing on what comes next. Every time I think I got this whole story figured out, it's like my fingers move of their own accord and I've put in another twist, another hurtle to jump over. I'm not going to give any examples because I've already shared a lot more then I think is necessary, I'll get into it a little more once I'm comfortably in the 20-30 K regions. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that this story is going to out-do "Dark Wings" in coolness.

And dark wings only reached 32 K words, and that was after about four weeks of working on it.

Makes me wonder what this'll get to. I'm pegging it around 50-60 K before the fill in and polish and maybe 65-70 K after it's "finished". And then there's the editing. Blarg. Yeah, lots of work to "look forward to", but right now I'm very happy with this. Extremely happy.

Oh and my mother was very generous and gave me $50 for helping her paint the cabinets. She said she wouldn't have if she had asked me to do it, but since I just volunteered and did it, she was so impressed that she couldn't let it slide without some sort of reward. It was really cool seeing the look on her face when she came home and all the basic cabinetry had a third (final) coat on it and all the doors had a coat of primer. She was so happy.

But yeah, that's been life lately. Have a happy time, everyone, I'm off to go make magic...


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