Monday, August 01, 2005

Broken hearts and broken bones.

My god in heaven... it really smells in here. Primer. Really disgustingly smelly stuff. Bleh.

I'm listening to a combination of The Postal Service, Tool (Aenima, Lateralus and Undertow), A Perfect Circle (Mer De Noms, 13th Step and eMOTIVE), The Dresden Dolls and Primus (Sailing the Seas of Cheese and Tales From the Punchbowl). I think I'm going to add in some Jewel soon. Maybe. Or some David Bowie. Or Placebo...

Good painting music.

Well then, I think I have had a pretty good day. Made a phonecall to Eddie last night since the weekends is usually when I call him. We talked. I cried. I was a bit of a mess. I was doing all this while painting cabinets, too. I'm ridiculous sometimes.

We agreed to a time for him to call me today and we had a talk. It was mostly a "hi, how're you doing? Anything new in the last fourteen hours?" We reminisced a bit, which was nice.

And then the goodness of all great goodness and wonderfulness happened. After I got off the phone with him and was painting for another hour or so, I got another call from Eddie. A very, very happy Eddie and, my god, the news he gave me was just A-fucking-spectacular. It was like all the crap I had been feeling in the last week and some change just got washed away.

Really wonderful, and I can't talk about it too much right now cause I'm still painting. I'll enter another entry sometime in the new future.


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