Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Everything looks perfect from far away.

man, I have been having some crazy fucked up dreams lately. I hade some SEQUENCES like CRAZY last night. Just as good as that time I was awake for 38 hours and then went to sleep (okay, not just as good, but pretty damn close). I was finding all sorts of new doors, hidden in spaces and places you wouldn't believe. People living in one-room hovels with a sink and and a grungy bathroom that told me such magnificent accounts of their lives. I had a cat escape in a garden full of the most magnificent creatures. Crap-creatures and the like.

And some guy hit a lady wolf on the full moon and would not listen to me when I told him to get the hell out of there, that a male wolf (werewolves apparently) would be coming along soon and would kill him. Males don't like other males, after all, and it was the full moon. Everyone had to be safe inside a safe house or they'd die. Everyone knows that.

I visited the backstage department of a store that I've visited a couple times before in dreams--one of those familiar dreamscapes--and it was a maze of white, white walls and glaring lights and no way out, really.

God damn it, I love when I have those types of dreams. Those on-your-seat, shitty things are happening but here's this other scene kind of dreams. Story dreams.

And the STORIES I was told. These people and their lives and everyone. It was truly... god, I love hearing stories. I love hearing about these people.

Oof, okay, I think I'm done with that. Wonderful, though. Hard to describe but wonderful.

I really cannot describe my dreams unless I make them into stories. The two biggest stories I have are inspired by dreams.

And a whole shit-load of other misc. ones.

Oh, holy shit, I just realized it's "my time of the year". When everything lifts and becomes clear and that flood of writing rushes out of me. Oh, god, this makes me so happy. Jump up and down and squee happy. I skipped this last year, and it was not a good thing. Oh, god, I really need this right now. I can feel the rush picking at me.

Oh, wow...

This has made my fucking DAY....


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