Sunday, July 24, 2005

I am so sick of "hello"s.

Doesn't take me too much to move me into action. All I need is a song, a few well-spoken words, a certain smell, a certain taste, a certain picture held in my hands. And I've had all of these in the last thirty-six hours. I've had more then enough of these.

Sometimes I need desperately to have something new. I need to feel that crisp kind of new-car feel to something. I need change. Some things can stay the same, but I need different environments. I need this.

Change is coming, too. I know it is, but it's a tick-tock of the clock that is driving me MAD. MADD. Mothers Against Destructive Decisions. Or Drunk Driving? Can't remember. Maybe it was SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) that I was thinking about just then. Never mind. Doesn't matter. Silly little turn in conversation, anyway.


Ever wanted something so bad that time seems to act all funny on you? Either it gets here before you know it, is gone before you can blink, or doesn't seem to come at all. Ridiculous. I have a feeling that there is a time-conspiracy going on. No science can prove it. But feel the wind. You can't see it, you just know it's there.

I stoll that directly from a movie, so don't quote me on it. Not like anyone would ever quote me.

I sometimes take these new shiny things (this blog, for instance) and over-use them. I may post more then seven entries in a day (seven is the most magical number, incidentally) or I may post seven entries in a year. I don't know. I never know. I'm making no promises. I will break no promises. I will make no lies.

Hold on, stay inside this.

Perfect lyric.

My playlist can sense which songs I want to hear. 1,324 songs spanning 85 hours, 50 minutes and 32 seconds. Then I just got three Dave Matthews albums that'll be added to it soon.

Everything from Jack Off Jill to Mozart to Oingo Boingo to Oasis. I took off the Richard Cheese, They Might Be Giants and Marilyn Manson for the sheer fact that the songs kept coming up and I'm not in the mood. So it's not my entire library, but it's close enough. I have closer to 2,400 songs in my library.

Counting the audio books and comedy, that is. Meh.

What was I saying?Yes, well, I am here. I am definitely here. I've checked myself seven times. I am most definitely where I am.


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