Monday, July 25, 2005

Won't you please take my hand?

I think I really like Oingo Boingo. Blame Eddie. He got me into it.

Lately I've taken to smoking ciggies late at night in my room. My mother never comes in here anyway and if she does it's so infrequent (and so are the ciggies) that she won't be able to tell. I only have six of them in total and one of them I've smoked over the last 24 hours.

I find it kind of interesting that I get a headache through secondhand smoke but I'm okay for smoking.

"What's that smell?"

"It's incense. And not 'your kind' of incense."

If I were any older, I would act my age.

God, I love my playlist.

So I've officially switched from Diaryland to here, blogger/blogspot. I put up the notice just a couple minutes ago. I doubt anyone will be too upset. I move around a lot, anyway. Since I can't do the moving that I really want to do.

I still have "Smecks" written across my stomach. Curtsey of Ed. Very light now, though.

Speaking of moving--I have formulated a plan. It's not a very solid plan, so I'm not going to leak any of its secrets, but it's a plan. A plan to get the HELL OUT OF HERE.

Missouri is one SHITTY place to live. Especially when you've had as many shitty things happen to you as I have. Namely, being molested for four years and going insane/suicidal for a year and... well, it's calmed down since then, except for the fact that the guy I love is, like, two thousand miles away. Yeah, that's a biggie.

I just want out of here. I was born in Cali and I want to live out at least another portion of my life there. Or round abouts the West Coast. They're so artsy. It makes me happy.

I have taken to leaving AIM on recently. I may or not be around for a while if you IM me but--

Hey, I just got an IM from someone that read my "16 rant". Sweet--

Yeah, I'll get around to you. S/N is Tessitore16. Feel free to annoy the shit out of me.

Smecks. Hahaha.

Why Missouri Is Hell On Earth.

A. Rednecks. They are everywhere.

B. Christians. They are everywhere.

C. Republicans. They are everywhere.

White, religious supremacist republican rednecks. A dangerous combination AT BEST.

I hate it here.

That wasn't my best rant in the world. Lately it's been less "ranting" and more "whining". Shitty.

>le sigh<

I think I'll take my bow off the stage now. Toodles. Remember to eat your red macaroni.


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