Monday, September 26, 2005

Well maybe she knows something I don't...

Well, things have happened.

I went to a psychic!

Yes, yes I did. At the RenFest. It's the first psychic I've ever gone to and it was a fairly enjoyable experience besides the crying bit.

And because of this I've decided that I do want to persue some counseling and I've dropped one of my classes. The art one. The annoying art history one with the completley brain-dead teacher and a non-responsive student body. I was so going to fail that class anyway, so I decided not to have an F on my transcript and rather a W, for withdrew. It seems okay to me, but I haven't yet told the mother about it. Oh, dear oh dear.

Well, hell, she didn't pay for any of this. The government did.

Speaking of college related things; men are really starting to annoy the fuck out of me. I hear all the time how they're nothing but animals or whatnot, and that a guy will do anything to "be with you" (have sex with you), and yet I am finding that I am surrounded by a punch of PUSSIES!!!

Fuck all the ladies that went through these guys and ruined it for me! Damn you, all of you!! DAMN YOU.

I'm thinking of starting an online comic called "The Naked Ninja".

Yes, yes I am.

After a few paychecks I may buy myself a domain name and get scribbling. So many more will be corrupted by my... stupidity.

How wonderful for me.

Well, gotta get going. No quotes today cause the only things in my room at the moment are my empty bookshelves, a stripped bed, a bit of carpet and this computer. Seriously. Nothing is in here. It's echo-ey.

I'll tell you about it later.



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