Sunday, September 18, 2005

In the shape of things to come, too much poison come undone. Cause there's nothing else to do...

Wow, Dee has money.

Like, a lot of it.

I got $88 from the rest of my Federal Aide, and $180 from my half of my paycheck. So, like... $268. Wow. Too bad most of it is going towards gas.

I was going to take all my buds to the Dresden Dolls concert, but I checked today and they're all sold out. Piss.

And I really need that money anyway. For, like... other stuff.

But I bought two new bras (awesome things they are), nice new pair of underwear, a corset, and I'm thinking of next paycheck adding some knee-length red leather boots to the ensomble.

Cause I'm kickass.

But I really need a skirt that'll go with this, too, so either I make one, or I buy one from Torid for $80. Hm... choices, choices... I think I'll make one.

And then another, and another, and another.

Cause I'm cool like that.

But it's nice having something in my wallet for a change.

Today I may be spending some time with Drew. He's a guy from my English class and he's really kickass. I offered him Chinese food and like most men, I hope he is lured in by the promise of food. Meh heh heh.

No, I'm alright with this being "friendship only". Plus I think he thinks I'm a complete lesbian. Which is alright, but let's not let people think something that isn't true...

Last night was fun. I got flirted on again. It was the new bra. It really does that whole lift and seperate thing really nicely, so Nikki had to say, "Doesn't she have nice tits?"

I have to admit, Nikki looked pretty damn spiffy herself yesterday. Pigtails... were a plus.

Anyway, the major boob-age took away from my stomach. Not like I've been eating much of ANYTHING since I saw "Supersize Me". Oh, god, my stomach churns at the thought. Blegh. I'm telling you, I'm thinking of buying a copy to watch whenever I get week and want to buy fast food. This is probably the best get-skinny-quick fix I've seen. Gross you out to no end, and then you won't want to eat anything except things you can identify immediatley as plants, animals or grains. No processed stuff. I'm even having trouble drinking milk.

Woah, I'm still getting really off topic. Anyway. I was wearing the nice leopard-print dress of mine and it happened to look really, really good on me, so I was being flirted on by an eighteen-year-old whom I really had no interest in. Not that I don't date guys my age (... or younger), it's just that I go for maturity first and foremost, and this guy had... none. Around here I really need to date above my age, else I'll get just damn annoyed with the guy and bash his head into the wall. Cause, you know, this guy wanted to get into the military and thought Bush was a blessing from God or something. Which was kind of scary. *shudders*

So I date above here, cause that's what I have to do. I'm not making another, "Well, he's the only one available" mistake like *coughErickcough* I had in my past....

...let's just forget about that...

That's all, though. Homework to do, you know. See you 'round.

"There is a god for every man
a satan for every crime
and a reason for everything."

"When one admits that nothing is certain, one must also admit that some things are more certain then others."
-Bertrand Russell


Blogger D.B. Echo said...

Heh. I highly recommend getting Supersize Me on DVD. My little DVD Authoring team and I put that movie on DVD for Hart Sharp last year. It was a lot of fun. And with a commentary track by Morgan himself, it's basically two movies in one. Working on that DVD convinced me to get off my duff and into a new exercise and diet program.

11:50 AM  
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