Monday, September 05, 2005

The roses are sighing a moonlight serenade....

Man, I love how long my hair is getting. And how clear my skin is getting, too. I've been using ProActive religiously since I got my job and it's clearing that acne right up. Kickass.

I'm still a bit hung-up on my sick thing. It seems to be worse after I wake up for some reason, but a good double-dose of NyQuil or DayQuil seems to get me into whatever state I desire rather well. I do have to go into work tomorrow, so I'll be tucking some DayQuil into my purse. Maybe I'll make a smoothie out of it. Heheh.


wait, that's not a bad idea. Hmmmm... *strokes chin*

But, again---WOW. I love how I look when I'm in that half-shitty state. My hair is all soft and pretty and shiny, but I'm so pale and my lips are standing out like crazy. ...and I loveith my lips. I was just in the bathroom washing some honey from my fingers from the KFC I just ate (I KNOW, it's not healthy, but fuck off, I'm sick) and was all, "If I had a boyfriend in the house right now, we'd be doing something. Cause I just can't stand myself." I strutted out of there and into the living room. That's right, I strutted. Oh yeah.

I had a long, long dream last night that included lots of Roz. Ever since Eddie's last visit I keep dreaming about meeting her and what it'd be like. I can't help but wonder and today I was just getting that curious dream/reality mixing that happens after particularly vivid dreams. Last night was revisiting an old dreamsite but with a new plot. I carried my dream scrapbook with me and I hadn't seen that thing in my dreams for ages and ages. It was nice to see it again.

Argity. Too many things I have to do and, honestly, way too little time. May deity please grant me some peace soon, I will be thankful.

Though I really don't mind the mad rush of change. Change is a good thing, and I fully intend to be in that mad frenzy soon, I just want a little peace and quiet beforehand. However, we don't always get what we want.

Which shits, let me tell you.

Two quotes:

"A work of art has no importance whatsoever to society, it is only important to the individual."
-Vladimir Nabokov

"The first step to getting what you want in life is to know what you want."
-Ben Stein

I will again remind you readers that my quotes are completley random. None of these have ever been planted. Things just have a way of doing this, especially when it comes to quotes and songs and events, at least that I've noticed. I just wanted to remind you.


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