Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cause you're my little lady

Hi everyone, time for a photo gallery of moi, cause I'm narcissitic like that.

Actually, all these pictures were taken in my all-time-low during exercising like crazy at about 190 (compared to my unspeakable weight at the moment). They're all me playing with goth make-up and I look a little... derranged in some of them. I'm posting them here as motivation for myself as well as showing off to all of you readers my eyeliner skills (*cough*theysuck*cough*). Heh. Feel free to skip over all this and read about my truck blowing up.

Your two quotes for the day:

"The hardest lesson in life is that sometimes even fools are right."
-Winston Churchill

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
-Anais Nin


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