Wednesday, August 24, 2005

There's no hope for you in me.


I feel like preaching the joy of "The Devils Panties", but you can just go check them out here:

No, it's not Satanic Porn.

However, I now feel like the epitome of every college student. Wandering around my house in a bathrobe and sweat pants and jogging shoes with a half-empty mug of cold coffee and makeup from yesterday still on my face. No brushing of the hair, or the teeth, and God Help You if you remark on my hygiene.

And it's only the third day.


I took my algebra class last night and--TWELVE PAGES OF NOTES--so now I have some 70-odd algebra questions due tomorrow, a reading of sixty pages due on monday for art, a general look-around of the blackboard website and see if I can get any advanced homework done for my English class, and then tonight I have my NEW class--Philosophy 100. Which should be FUN.


Next Monday I start work at 9 AM. I'm going to get up at around 6 am so I can take my two classes--English and Art--and get home by around 8 to maybe MAYBE get some homework done and--what was that? Food? What's food?

Besides the box of cheez-its that I have held captive in my Cuddlefish (the monster truck).

I manage to munch on a couple of those between classes to keep up the energy. Hey, maybe I should start carrying sugar tabs around with me and passing them off as X or something. Heh.

Well, they'd probably work just the same with these deprived college students.

Speaking of which, has anyone ever heard of basic black? I had thought there would be more Goths, but I'm pretty funky for the most part. None of them even wear just a black shirt with blue jeans or anything. Or black pants. I went to school with my bondage pants and poet shirt today and everyone was looking at me funny. Well, I enjoyed the attention for the most part, but I don't have that many killer outfits to keep up the act. Damn it.

Then again... winter is coming and then I'll break out those clothes.


I need my big boots back from my dear Jackie. She borrowed them for WichCon (Wichita Anime Convention) and I haven't seen her since. Mar. At least I got to see her outfit.

Oh god...

Okay, okay, that's all you're getting out of me--I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE!!!

Here are your quotes for the day:

"We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are."
-Max Depree

"Philosophy are questions that can never be answered and religions are answers that can never be questioned."


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