Monday, August 08, 2005

You won't fool the children of the revolution.

So it looks like mom is planning an entire home makeover. Not only have we painted the entire kitchen and most of the cabinets (there's still some 16 doors left over to paint and install), but we're planning on re-tiling it so that it's not this ugly county laminated crap and something more "red" apparently. Then there's the living room which I've said we've needed to paint for the last couple of months and only when her mother chimed in did she actually consider. So that'll be painted. And then there's the carpet. Oh ho... the carpet.

Mother decided to rip up the carpet. Yes, she did.

Well, it was the cheapest, ugliest carpet (apparently, these are moms words) that God ever made, but still... now we have bare wood on the ground. And not the nice kind of wood, either. The kind where you can see the spit stains from the tobacco-chewing construction workers that built our house.

Apparently we're going to paint the floor. Or something. I'm not sure. She's making all the big decisions now.

Which makes me wonder... if I pulled up the carpet in my room, and painted the floor the same red we're using on the cabinets, I could buy some stamps of Japanese or Chinese symbols and go about stamping a border or lines (like a hardwood floor) in yellow. I think that'd look pretty damn spiffy.

But I'll have to pass it by mom. She's the "ultimate god" around here.

And hey, if my room goes under construction again maybe I can paint that bloody ceiling. I hate white things. It needs to be a very, very light yellow so it's not always glaring at me. That and I need to make better curtains then the ones I have now. And a better curtain rod.

Actually, that's a pretty interesting project. I'm going to use a Chinese satin pattern that I found at Hancock Fabrics and sew it onto the back of two of the red velvet curtain panels. I'll then add some bullion to it--yellow probably--so that my curtains are reversible. The satin pattern for fall and winter and the red for summer and spring. I know it should be reversed (the satin pattern is lighter), but... light in winter and dark in summer suites me.

So I need to rip the seems of the curtains between the two holes it has for the curtain rods and then reinforce it closer to the top. I bought those things at Wal-Mart (for a bloody $25 a panel) and they really like this style where you have two holes for the rod to go through and you use the bottom one so that there's a bit of "fringe" hanging off the top. I think it looks tacky, but I can work with it. I need to make a cornice board for above my window and then I think everything will be peachy.

With the leftover panel I plan to make more pillows.

Oh, and I think I'm finally going to get a new fan from my grandmother for my birthday. One that matches my room. I had the choice to go without a fan blade, but for certain reasons I chose not to.

Alright, so those are the current projects. I'm going to have to use our U-HAUL thing to get some of my furniture out of my room (a lot of it is very heavy) and then... man, hundreds of books I'll need to pack up...

But first I need permission.

*crosses fingers*

Come on, I need something to do until school starts.


The Two Quotes of the Day:

"There are some defeats more triumphant than victories."
-Michel de Montaigne

"To be nobody but yourself, in a world that's doing its best night and day to make you everbody else, means to fight the hardest battle anyone can fight, and never stop fighting."
-Edward Estlin Cummings


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