Thursday, July 20, 2006

There's a pretty young thing in front of you

What a lovely morning. I really do like getting up earlier. Sometimes.

Instead of fixing my little sister freezer waffles in the morning, I've started making her better-balanced breakfast. A scrambled egg, toast, piece of bacon and two slices of apple. She takes everything with Iced Tea so... she gets that. I have the same thing minus the egg, because for some reason (probably me going nutso over eggs one summer) I don't like eggs any more. And I have milk.

Agh, I ache. This whole running thing has got my hips, my waist, my legs (thighs), calves a-screaming! I can't get them to shut the hell up. And yet again, I forgot to grab my vitamin this morning. Stupid, stupid. I need to do that after this. And checking of the e-mail.

I couldn't get to sleep well last night, many strange dreams involving the stories I've been writing about and my recent options/situations. My sister and I had a long discussion last night about my religion or lack thereof. She has really surprised me in her complete lack of knowledge. She had no idea of the holocaust, WWII, the 60's, etc. I've been educating her.

No, not in a "bad influence" kind of way. God, I wish, but she really isn't at that age yet. And though it has come as a huge shell-shock to me because I was always extremely literate and she's extremely... um... what is the term for someone who just watches T.V.?

Anyway, the point is; when I was eleven I was much, much more knowledgeable then she is. And that kind of puts me out of my element with her, because if I was to treat her like I would have treated ME at HER age, I would be speaking at a sixteen-year age limit, at least. So I'm kind of confused with her.

I wish she came with a handbook.

Most of it is that I've never been a full-time big sister before, and now all of a sudden--I am. I've always been the only child, because I've always been away from her, but suddenly nine years of being alone has kind of squashed and she's here, and I'm here. And, well, um... hi?

It looks like a good friend of mine is going to move out here and start shagging my father. Yup, that's right. My dad. And me, if she can convince me. (Does she have to?)

Um, yeah, I've been noticing a serious increase in people all with their eyebrows a-raised. And their eyes a-bulging, and its probably because... no idea. Longer hair, smaller waist, etc. My father was the first to tell me that, "Your face is prettier, your waist is smaller, your shoulders straighter and, hell, you're all around gorgeous these days." Apparently California has been good to me.

I sure hope so, because all this attention is kind of freaking me out. Not in a run away screaming kind of way, but a can't stop grinning kind of way. I'm so used to being the "fat chick", the cool fat chick, but you know how it is. The one that the guys always say, "I love you... like a sister."


Then again, I'm very happy that this change came about now. Because a couple of years ago I wouldn't have had a clue about what to do. Now I know what to do. Kind of. Sort of.

God, the last thing I want right now is to become one of those snobby pretty girls who thinks she's all that. I want to be the extremely curvy, outrageously intelligent girl that knows how to kick ass, have a good time and is great in bed. Alright, yeah, I got a lot of that down. I just need to enroll in some Tai Chi classes now or something.

Which reminds me of something I told my sister last night when she commented, "You have the biggest boobs I've ever seen." (I refuse--I REFUSE--to believe that) I told her, after I was finished laughing (because her voice is SO sweet, you don't expect those words), "Yeah, but most guys don't know how to handle them."

Which makes me wonder: MEN: If you like tits so much, shouldn't you, ya' know, learn how to handle them? I'm not saying I expect that, I don't. I just find it perplexing. I mean, I've read up and experimented and learned how to handle all your parts, so....

Ah, and I need to post up part of my last story on my Auteur blog. I wrote "Bloodlines", a four-page 3,500 word... thing... about how vampires, demons, etc., came into existence. Actually, its a major spoiler in my stories.

Part of it was inspired by my fathers rants to me about Carl Sagan's "Cosmo's". I still need to finish watching all of those.

Well, anyway, I best be going. Time to go and do all those lovely things I do that make me who I am.


"Can vanity and happiness co-exist?"
-Rilo Kiley


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I, um, hope you checked your e-mail.

- Harold

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